Dental Fillings Treatment in Bibwewadi

Dental Filling

When Dental Filling is Recommended ?

In dental filling treatment, the procedure includes teeth gap filling or filling the decayed area between the other set of teeth. Dentist always recommends to do the dental filling treatment right after the root canal treatment.

What are the benefits of getting a dental filling ?

Dental fillings are the most common dental treatments, saving the teeth from extraction. Dental fillings are used as a treatment of choice for the following conditions :

  • Decayed areas of the teeth, where a cavity is present
  • To prevent movement of the teeth where a cavity is present
  • To close a space between the teeth.

Do’s And Don’ts

Do: Check Your Bite

Fillings are usually filled with metallics or ceramics. The setting time of a filling plays a role in when you should check for things like an uneven bite.

Don’t: Drink Hot Beverages

The anesthetic does not wear off immediately following a filling. Because you will not be able to accurately measure a drink’s temperature, you could burn yourself easily. Hot beverages are best avoided until all feeling returns to the mouth.