Pediatric Dentist in Bibwewadi

Pediatric Dental Procedures

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dental procedures differ slightly from adult dental procedures, but they are all relatively similar.

Common pediatric dental procedures :

Fillings :

One of the most common dental procedures that pediatric dentists perform is dental fillings. Children’s teeth are prone to decay, which can result in cavities. Most of the time, cavities can be treated with a quick and simple dental filling procedure.

Dental cleanings:

Having a child visit a dental hygienist for regular cleanings is another common and important pediatric dental procedure. Routine cleanings are important because children’s teeth are more susceptible to cavities due to excessive sugar consumption and a lack of oral hygiene.


For kids, it's often difficult to reach back molars while brushing. This leaves the teeth more susceptible to cavities and other sources of buildup.

In most children, their first set of permanent molars are going to erupt at the age of six. Sometimes, dentists can brush sealants onto each of these teeth to act as a barrier against plaque and other forms of acid.

Fluoride Treatments :

Fluoride treatments are one of those preventative measures we talked about earlier. These treatments work to make teeth more resistant to acid attacks caused by bacterias, sugar, and even plaque in the mouth.

X-Rays :

X-rays are important tools that dentists often use to keep an eye on the things going on inside your child's mouth. They're pretty safe for kids, but it's a good idea to take as few as possible in order to get the necessary information.