Custom Athletic Mouthguards in Bibwewadi

Athalatic Mouthguards

What are Athletic Mouthguards or Mouthguards?

Custom Athletic mouthguards also known as Mouthguards are an inexpensive way to protect your teeth during athletic events and activities. Chipped teeth, grinding, tongue lacerations and jaw injuries can all be minimized using these wonderful devices.

Mouthguards protect against injury to the teeth and also against injury to the jaw. The shape of each person’s mouth and teeth are different, so it makes since that a one-size-fits-all approach to a mouthguard is not going to give you the protection you need.

In fact, a poorly fitted mouthguard can cause even more damage when hit with an intense force. Properly fabricated, custom-fit mouthguards play a significant role in not only preventing dental injuries and injuries to the jaw, but also in reducing concussions, pulpal injury and the loss of teeth. Mouthguards are used to relieve the stress concentrated on the teeth by absorbing the shock vibrations that cause injury.

Let’s take a look at the basic functions of the mouthguard :

  • Mouthguards prevent cuts and bruising during impact.
  • Mouthguards prevent tooth fractures or dislocations by cushioning the teeth.
  • Opposite teeth are protected from contact with each other.
  • The lower jaw is protected so impact does not fracture or damage the bone.
  • Mouthguards help reduce injury to the brain. Without a mouthguard, the force that hits the mouth can cause the jaws to violently jar together which can result in a concussion.
  • Mouthguards are used as a preventative measure against neck injuries.
  • Mouthguards help athletes feel more comfortable and protected.